The ArengiBox platform was designed and developed by Arengi , the first French independent consulting group exclusively dedicated to risk management and governance. Arengi assists listed or non-listed organizations, as well as local authorities, in designing, implementing, reviewing and assessing risk management & governance processes. Want to read more about Arengi? Pay us a visit:


Two words: challenges, innovation. We are a team of entrepreneurs specialising in a still relatively young discipline: risk management. Our ambition is to develop innovative approaches and working methods, tailored to our customers’ organisations. Or put in another way, not duplicating stereotyped “structured approaches” or would-be standards which quite consistently prove inadequate. This is one of the reasons why we decided to take up the challenge of developing the platform ArengiBox.

Our history

ArengiBox is different and unique because it has been wished for, entirely imagined and designed by les consultants d’Arengi.

Our team has managed and completed more than 200 risk management projects over 10 years. We have had enough time to ask ourselves many questions… As professionals, and being passionate about all things risk management, we felt the increasing need to find a solution which could meet our expectations as well as our customers’ . And then took the leap.

The outcome, after many months of hard work:

  • Every single functionality is designed based on field-proven practices, reflecting customer feedback and lessons learned from 200+ projects.
  • The interface is designed to basically get out of the way, help you throughout the various stages of your risk management process, and support users regardless of their role or expertise.
  • ArengiBox The application offers a comprehensive tool kit to initiate a risk management process, but will just as effectively and easily support the daily activities of a mature process.
  • Our generic or sector-specific frameworks are pre-loaded in ArengiBox to help you get started.Arengi

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