Select the ArengiBox product suited to your requirements and activities


A turnkey solution designed to support risk analyses and manage action plans

Multiple projects / Single user



A collaborative, integrated risk management platform: identify, assess, prioritise and monitor risks & action plans in real time involving all relevant contributors & stakeholders

Multiple projects / Multiple users 



A tailored solution to support the implementation of risk management programs within your organisation. Arengi consultant expertise & support included.

Tailored solution 


Whatever your choice, you will access to the knowledge
and expertise of Arengi’s risk management consultants through a smart, intuitive and 100% web-based solution.


The security and confidentiality of your data are our common priority. Data is stored in France and data exchanges are secured (SSL). Daily backups protect you from any loss. Hosting is highly secured (ISO 27001 compliant).


A SaaS designed software. Get started immediately and focus on risk management activities. Save your organization the costs of system maintenance, operation and hosting. But if you prefer,  ArengiBox can also be installed in a custom environment.


ArengiBox is a 100% web-based solution. Access to your risk mapping projects, wherever you are, at any time and regardless of your device. You will only need an Internet connection!

Continuous innovation

No need to ask for the latest version! The SaaS (Software as a Service) mode allows you to benefit from the continuous improvement of our technology and administration tools.


With ArengiBox, vous pouvez paramétrer les éléments structurants de vos projets de cartographie (échelles, matrice, organisation) … sans développement supplémentaire. Fini d’adapter votre méthodologie à ce que l’outil peut faire …

More than just a solution

The success of your projects is our goal. Beyond the assistance and technical and functional support provided as part of your subscription, you are also provided with Arengi 's risk management frameworks as well as 4 consultant days during the first year to help you with the implementation or development of your risk management process.