Risk Analyst

From €400/year

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You are a project manager, CISO, consultant, EHS professional, or other function dealing with risk and risk management?

Looking for an easy to use, comprehensive tool to manage your risk reviews / analyses?


ArengiBox Risk Analyst is made for you

Find out what makes ArengiBox Risk Analyst
ideally suited to support your risk analyses & action tracking activities

  • Multiple projects
  • Customise
  • Expert content included
Deploy up to 5 risk analyses / treatment projects


Customise screens with the name and logo of your organisation
Start your project with our risk assessment scales, risk matrixes and a list of 80 generic risks 


ArengiBox Risk Analyst in short

From €400/year

Invoiced quarterly


Roll out up to 5 risk analysis / treatment projects (additional projects can be purchased separately)


In each project an unlimited number of risks and action plans can be documented, with a specific risk assessment framework


Projects can be customised with the logo, the web address and the name of your organisation.

ArengiBox Risk Analyst is tailored to your needs and designed to the last detail to support your activities. It also gives you access to Arengi’s risk management expertise:


- Risk Assessment scales 

- List of 80 generic risks, elaborated and maintained by our consultants 

If you need to be able to share your reviews with other contributors to manage risks and action plans, please subscribe to ArengiBox Risk Manager.

ArengiBox Risk Analyst is a 100% web solution.


All user documentation is available on the platform.


Data securely stored at our partner OVH.


*Arengibox products are subject to annual contracts

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Risk mitigation & monitoring
Consolidation, information sharing & reporting

Set up your risk mapping framework(s)

Multiple functionalities to set up your framework and analysis tools

Functionalities to manage your actions

Functionalities to perform consolidated analyses & share risk data

User support

  • Select and define your risk assessment criteria (e.g. impact, probability, control effectiveness, trend…)
  • Structure and define each risk assessment matrix (zoning, colors, and criteria)
  • Create distinct frameworks for each risk map
  • Define an organisational tree and link your risk maps to organisations
  • Elaborate and circulate questionnaires - e.g. risk identification survey in preparation of interviews
  • Consolidate, structure and formalise the information collected during interviews (risk sheets)
  • Conduct individual risk assessment campaigns as standalone exercises, or to prepare prioritisation workshop
  • Facilitate & enhance your workshops with a natural interface, instantly reflecting risk assessment / prioritisation decisions in visual, intuitive screens
  • Capitalise on existing risk data to update risk maps
  • Document & manage action plans to address priority risks
  • Set up & follow-up on Key Risk and/or Performance Indicators (KRI & KPI)
  • Record geolocalised events on an interactive map
  • Insert live feeds into each risk sheet (RSS feeds)
  • Pre-formatted, readily usable Excel-based exports
  • Web support
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